AHB Protocol and UVC Development Training

About Course

AHB Protocol training is indepth training on all the aspects of AHB protocol and AHB UVC developement.

... AHB Protocol training course focuses on protocol concepts, features, timing diagrams from basic to advanced level. Course also focus on teaching protocol testbench development concepts. Student has flexibility to choose specific protocol as well.


About the protocol
AHB revisions
Signal Descriptions
Global signals
Master signals
Slave signals
Decoder signals
Multiplexor signals
Basic transfers
Transfer types
Locked transfers
Transfer size
Burst operation
Waited transfers
Protection control
Memory types
Secure transfers
Bus Interconnection
Address decoding
Read data and response multiplexor
Slave Response Signaling
Slave transfer responses
Data Buses
Data buses
Data bus width
Clock and Reset
Clock and reset requirements
Exclusive Transfers
Exclusive Access Monitor
Exclusive access signaling
Exclusive Transfer restrictions
Single-copy atomicity size
Multi-copy atomicity
User Signaling
User signal description
User signal interconnect recommendations
UVC architecture
UVC components
UVC types
Master, Slave
Active, Passive
UVC test scenario listing down
UVC component coding
Driver, Sequencer, Monitor, Coverage, Environment
Interface, transaction, Slave model, assertions
Testbench integration
Testcase coding
Simulations and waveform analysis
Functional coverage analysis
Assertion coding and analysis

Course videos

Lecture 1 AHB protocol overview, architecture, features, signals, signal encoding, timing diagram, arbitration 03:36:15
Lecture 2 AHB advanced concepts, burst types, protection, split and retry responses, wrap calculation, 2 cycle response, data alignement, narrow transfers, all other important features. 03:43:01
Lecture 3 AHB UVC devlelopment 03:50:16
Lecture 4 scoreboard, monitor, checker, coverage, assertions coding, interview focused questions 04:10:16

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