Linux Training

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Unix Operating System, Kernel
Unix Shells, RC files
Shell scripting basics (as required for job)
Unix Directory structure, hard/soft links
Xterm, Xhost, commonly used commands
Text editors
Revision Management
Makefile, Cronjob
Mapping Unix directories, file with Gvim editor
FTP, SCP, Mail, Compress, sleep, regular expressions
LSF, Batch submission, Process monitoring
Revision Management with hands on labs

Course videos

Lecture 1 Linux Session1 1:09:19
Lecture 2 Linux Session2 1:51:40
Lecture 3 Linux Session3 2:22:41
Lecture 4 Linux Session4 2:11:04
Lecture 5 Linux Session5 1:34:00
Lecture 6 Linux Session6 1:35:00

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